Published on October 19, 2005 By jennybean In Vacations
My husband and I just recently took a long weekend trip to New York City for the first time. We have a couple of friends who moved to Queens last fall to pursue careers in music, long story short they are coming back home in May! Both have found it very hard to make any connections when half the city is there for that exact same reason. Anyways, we decided it would be a fun place to visit while we had the chance to stay with friends, considering how expensive hotels can get there. I did not know what to expect the city to be like, but at the same time was not surprised when I found out. I can now relate to the expression. "It's a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there". Don't get me wrong, despite the weather (rainy and miserably humid the entire time we were there!) we had a great time, but I honestly can't imagine actually calling a place like that home. I think there are definitely some people who would love to be in the heart of a busy city day in and out, and it is definitely a cool place with lots of stuff constantly going on. But I think I would be stressed and overwhelmed, much like my poor friend who is stuck there until her lease runs up in May. Funny how vacation always makes you appreciate home.

One especially memorable part of our trip was a tony award winning broadway musical called Avenue Q. I didn't know what to expect; I was told by my friend Suzy, who had already seen it and loved it so much she got tickets for us to go with her again, that it was like an adult themed Seseme Street. Yes, there actually were puppets and people living in a neighborhood, but it dealt with somewhat realistic woes of everyday people in a very humorous and sometimes humorously inappropriately way. I strongly suggest anyone plannig a trip to the city to get tickets to see this show; I cannot remember laugh ing so hard at any other show I have ever seen. Be advised, though, Suzy purchased our tickets a month before we got there, and it is usually sold out pretty fast. All in all, a very fun trip!

Scott and me at the enormous 3 story Toys 'R' Us

Times Square

on Oct 19, 2005

Thanks to you and Scott I now have the entire Avenue Q soundtrack in my head at all times! It sounds like a really funny show, though. Paul and I would love to see it. Hopefully we'll have a chance to go sometime.

on Oct 19, 2005
Lol! Sorry about that!! You wouldn't regret it, though. If you like the soundtrack, imagine the actors singing, dancing, and fumbling with puppets at the same time! When you actually see their expressions it is even more enjoyable. (i.e. Scott's mouse pad!) Maybe if it becomes popular enough it will even make its way to Chicago.
on Oct 19, 2005
Maybe if it becomes popular enough it will even make its way to Chicago.

Now that would be convenient! Although I still want to get to NY.
on Oct 20, 2005
Nice pic of Times Square. I miss NY, lived there for many years until 3 years ago. Too bad you weren't there when the weather was good. Summer in NY is lots of fun. I know what you mean though, that city can be overwhelming. When you live there though you get used to it and there's always so much to see and do. It really deserves the phrase of "the city that never sleeps"!